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NorthEast Hygiene - Ireland’s Fastest Growing Providers of Air Purifiers, Hygiene Products, and Expert Infection Prevention Solutions.

NorthEast Hygiene, your partner in infection prevention control and safe hygiene consultancy.

NorthEast Hygiene CREATES, MAINTAINS, and SUSTAINS hygienically safe environments. With us, you’re always in good hands!

No matter which stage of the pandemic you’re currently experiencing today, NorthEast Hygiene will always work with you to manage the impacts in order to keep you operating efficiently. Minimising any infection risk to your customers and employees and building resilient operations for your business.

At NorthEast Hygiene, we work with customers across various industries and sectors to help ensure operational efficiency, safety, sustainability, product quality, and satisfaction, every time.

Supported by our innovative solutions and our industry and public health expertise, you’ll be more than ready to welcome back your customers. Meeting heightened expectations for safety, cleanliness, and health as we move into better times.

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Customer Service

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with exceptional solutions delivered with excellent customer service. Along with our turnkey solutions, we also offer our bespoke hygiene solutions to meet each and every customer requirement. Customer safety and satisfaction is our guarantee.


We guarantee all our deliveries nationwide within 2 working days, direct to your premises. We also now offer a new customer portal to make the order process even easier for our customers. We continuously strive for simplicity to always give you the best customer experience.

Certified Products

Data Sheets are available for all products. We’re committed to leading with innovation and supplying all of the very latest technologies in the hygiene solution space. We offer a full range of brochures on our site to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about our products and services.


We are environmentally conscious and always endeavour to source eco-friendly, sustainable products whenever possible. We’ve created a business model to invest and utilise eco-friendly cleaning products, refills, and more. We’re also always committed to sourcing products that are not harmful to the environment.

Improve Your Business's Air Quality

With a NorthEast Hygiene Supplied Air Purifier

safer space accreditation badge

Northeast Hygiene are Proud Members of Safer Space® Ireland

Safer Space® is the premier certification for contractors committed to delivering the highest standards of cleaning and hygiene to the UK and Ireland’s Cleaning Sector.

Safer Space® is aiming to be the sole national accreditation body in the UK and Ireland for the delivery of sanitisation processes, creating healthier environments. Safer Space assesses and accredits against agreed standards, processes and technologies, educates operatives for certification, and provides independent inspection and verification services. All supported by an advisory body of industry and market place experts. Request a brochure to find out more…

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