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Commercial Pest Control.

If you have an ongoing problem with pests, or you want to defend your establishment against possible infestations, why not consider investing in a pest control maintenance contract with us at NorthEast Hygiene?

With many years of experience, we can be depended upon to deliver a top-class service. We’re able to offer you any one of our numerous services, no matter how big or small your establishment is. We pride ourselves in being able to provide you with the coverage and response of a larger company, whilst still maintaining the personal customer service of a smaller company.
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Our 4-Step Effective Silverfish Treatment.

1. Contact
Call us and we’ll arrange for your local team to contact you. We are local IPCA certified experts with a swift response.
2. Survey
We will discuss your pest problem, provide a quote and recommendations, and arrange an appointment at a time convenient to you. Our technicians and surveyors are all BPCA certified.
3. Treatment
Our BPCA certified technicians will come out to provide treatments and effective innovative solutions. Our treatments are child and pet friendly too.
4. Aftercare
We’ll make as many visits as needed to ensure your problem is resolved. Our services is effective, discreet, and will give you peace of mind.

Rodent Control.

Rat Problems.

Poor sanitation and the presence of rubbish help rats to survive in commercial areas.
Good sanitation will effectively limit the number of rats that can survive in and around any business premises. This involves proper storage and handling of food materials and refuse, and elimination of rodent shelter (harbourage).

Exterior storage units must be properly maintained to reduce potential rat problems.
Good sanitary practices will not eliminate rats under all conditions, but will make the environment less suitable for them to thrive.
Rat-Proof Construction
The most successful and permanent form of rat control is to make their access to structures impossible. Ideally, all places where food is stored, processed or used should be rodent-proof.

Seal any openings larger than 1/4 inch (approx. 6mm) to exclude both rats and mice. Openings where utility conduits enter buildings should be sealed tightly with metal or concrete. Equip floor drains and sewer pipes with tight fitting grates having openings less than 1/4 inch in diameter. Doors, windows and screens should fit tightly. It may be necessary to cover edges with sheet metal to prevent gnawing.
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Mice Problems.

There are two types of mice that are commonly found inhabiting a home: the light brown field mouse, and the smaller brown or grey house mouse. Both species are of a size which allows them to get into wall cavities, through small holes and around the house, without necessarily being seen by occupants.

However, because they carry diseases, they need to be removed at the earliest convenience after an infestation is discovered.

Additionally, it’s important to locate the cause or point of entry for the infestation in order to prevent it from happening again. Once on-site, our team can pinpoint the problem, whether it’s in the roof, vents or doors, and make recommendations which can be easily implemented.
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Silverfish Pest Control.

More than just a nuisance in homes, Silverfish are known for their destructive feeding habits and can cause a serious problem in large numbers – damaging books, photographs, paintings, plaster and other household items containing starch or cellulose.

Silverfish survive in most environments, but thrive in conditions of high humidity and can often be found in dark, damp areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, cellars, and attics. Characterised by a silvery-blue colour, tiny scales, and wiggling movements resembling that of a fish – these pests are also commonly known as fish moths or carpet sharks.
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Do You Have a Silverfish Infestation?

How to identify silverfish:
Silvery-blue or grey in colour.
Tapered, tail-like appearance.
Wingless, with 2 slender antennae.
These insects measure up to 10–12 mm in length.
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Common signs of a silverfish infestation.

Here are some signs that a silverfish infestation is present on your premises:
Silverfish’ food habits reveal the secret about their existence. You will find your magazines, books, and the old paper turned into tiny bits, clothes chewed, etc. Yellow stains are present around the damage.

People detect these pests fallen on humid places like a washbasin, sinks, bathroom floor. These creatures cannot crawl up easily.

 Roofs voids or subfloors are also breeding places for silverfish, and you may spot them crawling around these areas.
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