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Top 5 most used cleaning products in 2020

At NorthEast Hygiene we have a vast list of chemicals capable of cleaning the best…

Many of them are among the cleaning products that showed the highest growth in sales worldwide. This market had an impressive growth of 4.673% in 2020, compared to the same period in 2019. This was due to the pandemic of COVID 19 and the need to clean all environments more safely.

We list the 5 most sought after cleaning products in the year 2020, with expressive growth worldwide. NorthEast Hygiene, Dublin’s most complete hygiene supply store, supplies them all.


Because they wipe out viruses and bacteria, disinfectants were highly sought after for corporate and household cleaning. Today it is possible to find disinfectants in various formats, such as spray, widely used for being practical and economical. In Brazil, this product grew by more than 200%.

Perfumed disinfectants

Like common disinfectants, they are good options for fighting viruses and bacteria. The difference is that the perfume disinfectant leaves the room with a pleasant aroma and a feeling of cleanliness. You can find in NorthEast Hygiene the common disinfectant and the disinfectants with perfume.

Multipurpose cleaners

These products are very versatile and can be applied in different environments and surfaces. The multipurpose cleaner is a mixture of detergent and solvent. It showed growth in several countries in different corners of the world, such as in South Korea, where the search for multipurpose cleaners rose to 31%, and far from there, in Colombia, the search went up 32%.


With more people cooking at home, the search for degreasers broke out. In its formula it brings ingredients capable of removing grease scabs and slime from the sink, cleaning the stove, besides taking care of the windows and bathrooms. We sell versions for bathrooms and kitchen. Because it is so useful, for domestic use, for companies and restaurants, Brazilians increased their search for degreaser by 200%.


Found in many formats, such as gel or spray, alcohol was undoubtedly one of the most prominent products in 2020, and with an increase of almost 1000% in searches, it became an essential item. Especially 70% alcohol, which eliminates viruses and bacteria.

Cleaning and hygiene products are highlighted and have never been so consumed. But when shopping, be careful with the quality. At NorthEast Hygiene, we provide our customers with innovative, high-quality hygiene solutions. Our products provide the best results for companies from different sectors of the industry.

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