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The best products to clean when back to school

After a long period of watching online classes, children are preparing to return to face-to-face classes…

and schools in Dublin need to adopt hygiene and cleanliness measures. The state provides several guidelines and recommends necessary procedures to keep the school environment safe in times of COVID-19.

It is necessary to prevent and protect students and the entire school community. For this, professionals must choose cleaning products safely. Adequate equipment that brings maximum performance in disinfecting surfaces, as well as hand hygiene and objects in common use. With that in mind, we at NorthEast Hygiene have brought you some products and examples of how to use them for school hygiene.

This is the time to intensify hygiene in general, so that the spread of the coronavirus does not occur. But, first of all, it is good to be careful with areas where there is a lot of circulation, or are closed. They are cafeterias, bathrooms, and classrooms.

The hygiene routine

At the entrance of schools, we suggest that children find disinfectants or alcohol gel to clean their hands. This works for everyone who enters the school. We offer Hand Sanitiser Gel in various shapes and sizes, which can be placed in key areas of the school. For this, the Free-Standing Hand Sanitizing Station or the Foot Pedal Sanitizing Station can be used. If the intention is to draw the students’ attention and make a more complete hygiene, NorthEast Hygiene has the Premium Sanitisation Station.

Just as each person must be sanitized, objects and common areas of the school must be disinfected frequently. Not all products are effective against coronavirus, so we recommend using products like Anti-bacterial Sanitiser Concentrated and Antibacterial Cleaner. They should be used to constantly clean the stair railings and door handles.

The bathroom area requires double attention. First, keep the environment clean and safe for those who use it, acquiring a routine of constantly washing the place. For bacteria and virus free cleaning, the cleaning professional can use the Bathroom Cleaner, Cleaner Sanitiser and Toilet Cleaner.

The bathroom is also an area where children and teachers go to clean themselves and wash their hands. So you can not miss the soap dispenser, and of course, a quality liquid soap for deep cleaning. In addition, paper towels and gel alcohol dispensers can never be left empty. All of this can be found in one place, in Dublin’s most complete cleaning products store, NorthEast Hygiene.

The classroom is the place where students will spend the most time, and cleaning there will be very necessary. The products we talked about, like Anti-bacterial Sanitiser Concentrated, can be very useful. Cleaning should be done whenever students leave the room.

It will be necessary for schools to have a good cleaning team, and a hygiene plan. Even so, the entire school community will have to work together to ensure a safe and clean learning environment. Good back to school!

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