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NorthEast Hygiene becomes an approved member of Safer Space Ireland

Safer Space® is the UK & Irelands Cleaning Sector’s premier Certification for contractors committed to delivering the highest standards of cleaning and hygiene.

NorthEast Hygiene is proud to become a member of Safer Space® Ireland leading the way in innovation in Hygiene standards and supplies.

What Is Safer Space

Safer Spaces is the European Cleaning Sector’s premier Certification for contractors committed to delivering the highest standards of cleaning and hygiene. It is an annual assessment of the processes carried out at a facility and means that the contractor delivering the Accreditation process has been through a robust process of training and passed an audit process on how they use the latest techniques and products to sanitise a building. Improving the health and wellbeing of all.

Safer Spaces was established in 2018 with two of the founders being British Cleaning Council Board Member Philip Morrish and Cleaning Industry standards campaigner Roy Winters, in response to the lack of a formal standard by which facility managers could judge the competence of their cleaning contractor. Achieving Safer Spaces Certification means that the contractor has been trained and assessed in the use of specialist sanitisation techniques including the correct use of electrostatic sprayer technology.

Contractors are assessed annually to ensure that they have the most up to date knowledge and comply with best practice. Only Certified Contractors are authorised to issue site specific Accreditation that a building is a “Safer Spaces”. In all other circumstances Safer Spaces will need to randomly attend and assess a site to ensure the effectiveness of the processes being carried out. All these processes are challenged by an independent advisory board of industry and marketplace experts

The Roadmap To Safer Space Certification in Partnership with DK Service Global Ltd & NorthEast Hygiene will focus on the effective disinfection and sanitisation of surfaces and the air in your environment in helping to combat transmission of COVID 19 and other dangerous pathogens.

The Safer Space concept provides a comprehensive wrap-around solution utilizing best in class products to other the best protection for your environment. Create a Safer Space Ecosystem in your environment with verifiable Certification via our Protective Shield Technology programme:

  1. Terminal electrostatic disinfection of the whole environment with our premium product TyroSan20 (Trusted by NHS, Dentists, and major food producers)
  2. 3 x on-site before and after test results to prove efficacy of service
  3. Protect surgical safe, TyroSan20 treated, touchpoints with Safer Space approved and durable photocatalytic Resysten Coating (persistent up to 12 months)
  4. Combat Aerosol Transmission of pathogens and create Alpine quality fresh air with our Bona range of ISO 13485 medical device certified machines

Your dedicated consultant will have a best practice discussion with you regarding infection risk mitigation, on an ongoing basis, periodically renewing your Safer Space accreditation Please contact us so that one of our consultants can visit to talk through the options suitable for your facility..

To arrange a free hygiene survey just call 01 485 3284


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