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Make your company a safe environment and keep your employees safe from COVID-19

A new wave of coronavirus has arrived…

and is changing the routine of companies and their employees. Some companies joined the home office, but not all were able to send their employees to work from home. These companies need to take all necessary precautions to avoid mass contagion.

The first step to be taken is to look for a company that is recognized for having the best hygiene solutions in Dublin. The second step is to do the proper cleaning of the work environment, which is one of the most basic precautions to be taken.

In addition, it is necessary to keep the spaces ventilated and to always wash your hands with water and soap or gel alcohol. The following tips can help prevent further contamination by COVID 19 in your workspace:

Make hygiene a routine

The most effective way of ensuring everyone’s safety is with the prevention, and what is known is that hygiene and social distance are the best ways to prevent. Keep shopping for cleaning products up to date so they never run out, and make sanitation a routine for all employees. Over time, this routine will become a habit and everyone will be used to keeping the work environment and their hands clean.

This is one more reason you should look for a company that provides products and cleaning solutions, that is reliable and that will be working alongside you for the security of your company.

With the routine in place, ensure that it will be applied. It is necessary that all employees wash their hands from time to time, always use alcohol gel, clean their tables, keyboards and mice, as well as door handles and other objects that one or more people have access to. It is advisable to measure the temperature of employees as soon as they arrive to work.

Provide equipment for the protection of employees

For the above tip to work, it is necessary for your company to provide all the necessary equipment for the protection of your employees. It is important to find a good supplier of good quality facial masks and infrared thermometers, but the protection goes well beyond this, as is said by the main health agencies.

The company must be stocked with soap dispenser and towel dispenser. Well, do not go on to teach the employee that he should wash his hands if you do not give him the equipment for this. Depending on the industry, protective gloves can be very useful, and hygienic wipes are great for cleaning equipment in general.

What you seek is to make your employees safe, and innovative hygiene solutions are what you need.

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