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We provide a complete package of PPE delivered and installed within weeks

At NorthEast Hygiene we specialise in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and workplace safety products. Our aim is to protect you, your workforce and your business.

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Sanitiser Stations

We have developed a range of sanitiser stations to suit all retail environments and professional premises. Our range includes a 10l, 5l (or 5l slimline) and a wipe station, to provide protection and peace of mind for customers and staff. Stations are supplied pre-filled with sanitiser ready to use, while we also offer a refill service to maintain ongoing supply.

Checkout Guards

Our checkout guards have been specifically designed and developed to protect retail keyworkers and customers alike. These screens/guards have enabled essential shopping to continue for all. These guards are simple and effective at reducing the spread of airborne infections and cross-contamination between the public and keyworkers.

Checkout Guards
Face Guards

Hygiene Face Guards

Our specially designed face guards are a critical component in response to current social distancing restrictions. They allow keyworkers from a number of sectors including retail, healthcare and social services; to continue to service the public at close quarters, reducing the risk of contamination and the spread of airborne infections.

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