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Covid-19 is just the tip of the iceberg.

Last year we talked a lot about COVID-19 (coronavirus) and its forms of transmission,

but did you know that this is not the only disease that is caught in the air or in contact with contaminated objects or people? There are several viruses, from unknown diseases to the most popular ones, such as the flu and colds, mainly in the harsh Dublin winter.

Those who have children in school know that it is common to have an outbreak of, for example, chicken pox, in children. Just as several employees in closed offices can get conjunctivitis at the same time. That is why it is very important to keep the environments sanitized effectively, using quality products, such as NorthEast Hygiene cleaning and sanitizing materials.

Much of this contamination is done through indirect contact, that is, the individual has contact with the virus through an object that has been contaminated by someone who is ill. Many viruses can survive for long periods (days and even weeks) outside the human body. These objects are the main vehicles for transporting the disease, and are usually shared by many people in a single day, such as:

– Stair railing
– Bathroom sinks
– Discharges
– Elevator buttons
– Coffee or water machines
– Knobs
– Microwave and other utensils in the cafeteria

It’s quite scary to think about it, isn’t it? But NorthEast Hygiene has products to sanitize each of these locations, and many others, and make work environments, schools, or any environment that involves the circulation of many people, safer. And for those who still have doubts about the importance of this care, here are some of the diseases that can be caught, in addition to COVID-19, through the environment:

Flu and Cold

Caused by the influenza virus, the flu spreads easily through the environment. Its symptoms are fever, body and throat pain, tiredness and congested nose. The cold is caused by the rhinovirus, and the symptoms are very similar, but the cold usually has more sneezing and coughing, and rarely has a fever.


Bringing your hands to your eyes is an act we do without realizing it, and can cause various infections. The most common is viral conjunctivitis, which is easily contagious. The eyes are red and very irritated.


Chicken pox is also transmitted both by sick people and through contaminated objects. Despite being well known among children, it is a big risk for adults. Its symptoms include malaise, fever, lack of appetite, tiredness, and red spots on the body that cause itching and then become blisters.

These diseases, and others, can be prevented by maintaining a clean and virus-free environment. For this, it is necessary to raise people’s awareness, so that they wash their hands and do their part, and that there is an efficient cleaning of the entire environment.

For cleaning to be effective, you can’t rely on any product out there. Nowadays, more than ever we know that cleaning is a health issue. So look for the best Dublin products at NorthEast Hygiene.

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