Breathe safely

  • Disinfects the air and surfaces
  • Sanitizes daily with controlled ozonation and deozonation
  • Fully mobile
  • Disinfects without people present

About the Device

Effective disinfection

It sanitizes with ozone, which is 50 times more effective than chlorine and 3,000 times faster. No expensive cartridges are required.

Innovative deozonation

As it sanitizes, the device absorbs the ozone and converts it into oxygen so the room does not have to be ventilated and can be used shortly afterward.

Fully mobile device

Weighing only 25 kilograms and equipped with four swivel castors and a practical handle, it can be comfortably moved to wherever you need it.

Convenient operation

The device has a remote control option through your mobile phone or RFID tag so it does not turn on accidentally.

Individual application

No protective clothing needs to be worn to handle it, so surfaces and the air can be sanitized anytime it is convenient for you.

Also handles odors

It removes solid and gaseous impurities from the air such as smoke and odors from paint, animals and chemicals wherever it sanitizes

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Where can it be used?

  • School

  • Nursing
    and group homes

  • Dressing and locker rooms

  • Hotel rooms and
    hospital wards


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