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Don’t be scared to breathe


    • Disinfects the air and surfaces
    • Sanitizes with germicidal irradiation and ozone
    • No construction required to install
    • Cleans the air even when people are present

About the Device

Integrated device

The device both sanitizes and filters the air and also disinfects surfaces.

Effective disinfection:

A combination of ozone, germicidal lamps and mechanical filters sanitizes and filters the air.

Patented system

Because the device uses a system of controlled ozonation and deozonation to disinfect services, no additional ventilation is needed.

Ready to Install

No construction is required to install the device. A standard electrical power source is enough to run it.

Unrivaled performance

The device filters up to 3,000 m3 per hour at full power and when operating normally it filters the air several times per hour.

Remote operation

A mobile app can turn on and monitor the device to be able to track and record sensor history.

Where can it be used?

  • School

  • Social service

  • Operations with a high
    concentration of people

  • Healthcare facilities

  • Public spaces

  • Restaurants
    and other eating facilities

  • Schools


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