Breathe safely

  • Fresh air
  • Kills viruses and bacteria
  • Fully mobile
  • Works in the presence of people

About the Device

Safe air in rooms

The device cleans and sanitizes the air in the presence of people, kills viruses, bacteria, mold and other harmful pathogens to lower the risk of infections through airborne respiratory droplets.

Verified sanitizing method

Eight germicidal lamps inside an enclosed system produce UV C radiation. Live microorganisms are unable to build resistance against it.

Effectively protects

The device uses a fan with up to 500 m³ air flow per hour, whose output can be adjusted to the size of the room and the number of people inside.

Variable components

The device is supplied with a HEPA or activated charcoal filter to effectively remove odors and air from the environment.

EASY care

Replacing the Class 4G coarse particle pre-filter is quite easy. Anyone can do it without having to call a service technician.


The device measures only 1,350 x 450 x 450 millimeters. It fits into any office or meeting room and its dark colors do not attract attention.

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Where can it be used?

  • Offices

  • Meeting rooms

  • Schools

  • Healthcare facilities

  • Operations with a high concentration of people

  • Restaurants
    and other eating facilities


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