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Are you future proofing your business to prevent closure from the Covid-19 pandemic?

Are you future proofing your business to prevent closure from the Covid-19 pandemic?

Our specialist electrostatic spraying Antimicrobial Technology which integrates perfectly with our two liquid solutions named Tyrosan20 disinfectant and Resysten Protective Coating is extremely effective and lasts up to one year when conducted by one our trained team members.

Resysten Coating as stated above lasts up to one year when applied to surfaces and areas that are contaminated. We presume areas where large amount of people passing through on a daily basis are at a higher risk of being contaminated. Resysten therefore prevents contamination as it is applied and can be up-kept by applying Tyrosan20 to the area frequently to ensure the area is kept from being infected.

Resysten will not be removed by using another disinfectant when cleaning the surface as it is a protective coating but can be cleaned normally on top of the already treated area. This is an advantage as you know you are protected by this coating but by applying Tyrosan20 regularly ensures you are protected against any other bacteria that might enter into the space.

The images below show our team carrying out a thorough disinfection on an office that is under construction and want to ensure they are protecting the workers and staff on the job from any infection. It is great to see companies concerned about their employees health and being extra cautious about not losing workers due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

If you would like to take advantage of a free hygiene survey with one of our experts please call 01 4853 284

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