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Do you need an air purifier?

Air purifiers dramatically improve the environment for staff, customers, students, and the family at home. They don’t just mask unpleasant odour, they eradicate them. This can make a huge difference to the first impression of your business, school or home.

These clever and extremely effective machines use smart technology to remove even the strongest of odours. Personally, we’ve been amazed at just how good these products are and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for the ultimate clean air solution.

Our range of products include models certified to eliminate Covid-19 and proven as the world leaders in air purification. 

Benefits of Working With Us​

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We come out and do a site survey to provide you with the best possible solution for your requirements

2.Free Report

Once your site survey is completed we provide you with a report of your space needing purification.

3.Free Quote

Once we have explained your report we give you a free no obligations quote tailored to you.

4.Free Delivery

Once we have the go ahead, we arrange free delivery of your unit at a time that best suits your needs.

5.Free Installation

Once your unit is on-site, we come and install the unit as per the set report and recommendations.

Our Air Purification Systems

Airdog X3

Green Technology Air Purification

An example of the capability :

In an area 22m² with a ceiling height of 2.5m the X3 can deliver 3.64 air changes per hour.

Airdog X5

Green Technology Air Purification

An example of the capability :

In an area 50m² with a ceiling height of 2.5m the X5 can deliver 2.72 air changes per hour.

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Airdog X8

Green Technology Air Purification

An example of the capability :

In an area 90m² with a ceiling height of 2.5m the X8 can deliver 3.56 air changes per hour.

AirgoClean 250E

The AirgoClean®250E is a high performance, fully automatic air cleaning unit with state-of-the-art sensors. 3x strong HEPA filter technology with ionisation and top class comfort combined in one air cleaner – for offices, medical practices or your home.

Highly efficient multi-stage air filtration, with Dacron® pre-filter and HEPA carbon filter, and ionisation eliminates 99.97% of air pollutants including mould spores, pollen, dust, bacteria and viruses.

Standing at 71cm, this compact, easy to use air purifier is suitable in any room up to 88 m² (220m³). Suitable for use in offices, schools and classrooms.


AirgoClean One

The AirgoClean® One is a durable and user-friendly air purifier, constructed with effective 360° air routing and long filter lifetimes.

The impressive clean air performance of the AirgoClean® One is achieved without generating dangerous ions, ozone or UV radiation. This type of air filtration is the safest, healthiest and most effective technique for cleaning the air. The mechanical filters of the AirgoClean® One remove even the tiniest particles and odours from the air by retaining them securely in the filter material. And then returns HEPA-filtered clean air that is 99.997% free from dangerous air pollutants, back into the room.

aura air purifier on an office wall

Aura Air

Aura Air is the first, all in one, Air Filtration, Disinfection and Monitoring product that has successfully completely Clinical Trials specifically related to its effectiveness against the COVID-19 Coronavirus. The same Hospital that performed the tests, voted one of top 10 Clinical Hospitals in the world by Newsweek, has been using Aura Air in its COVID-19 wards and staff rooms since the Pandemic started.

Aura Air’s special HEPA RAY Filter cleans 60m2 (140m3) of air (assuming a ceiling height of 2.4m), down to particle sizes of 0.3 microns, 2.5 times every hour – that’s a CADR of 206CFM (350m3/hour)

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